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Valcarce GMA is a company specialized in the valuation and commercialization of surplus production, discontinued products, slow movers, serial remains or off spec products. Therefore, we offer our services to carry out the commercial management of this type of stock and eliminate the economic cost of its classification and subsequent management as waste. The activity involves the search for applications and alternative destinations, national and international, in which the useful life of the products can be extended.

There are various sectors in which this need is generated and to which
Valcarce GMA provides this type of coverage within the chemical industry, highlighting the agricultural, plastic, rubber, hydrocarbons, etc., sectors, with special incidence on the following products: paints, glues, adhesives, resins, oils, intermediate products, textiles, water treatment, etc. At the request of customers, this portfolio can be expanded, both in terms of sectors and the products involved.



Commercialization of
surplus chemicals

Salvage trading of
slow mover stocks

Logistics and
distribution services


Collaboration with the International Chamber of Foreign Trade

For the development of its purposes, and with the aim of obtaining company synergies, Valcarce GMA collaborates with the International Chamber of Foreing Trade - CICEX™ (https://www.cicex.org) to promote international trade and relations, as engines of social and economic development.

Within CICEX™,
Valcarce GMA plays the role of Area Manager for Market Development, which allows not only a great knowledge of national or international markets, but also their interrelation, which allows both the best marketing strategy marketing-mix of the products as well as the most efficient logistics chain, optimizing the trade operations while minimizing both risks and costs.


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